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CX Consulting was established in 2020 by Pieter vd Walt. With the ever increasing threat of cyber attacks and cyber crime, organisations are often at a loss at what to do. New software vulnerabilities are found daily, web application attacks leave websites vulnerable and viruses become increasingly silent and stealthy. Often, the simplest things such as weak passwords and uneducated staff can be the cause of an entire company infrastructure being compromised.

Our aim is to make your company or organisation as unattractive to cybercriminals as possible – and keeping your sensitive financial and client data safe.

This is done in a variety of ways including attack and penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, user awareness campaigns, and keeping your company constantly safe with a month-to-month service level agreement.


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Penetration Testing

For organizations of any size, penetration testing is an absolute necessity. Regardless of whether it is driven by regulatory compliance, corporate liability concerns, or basic network hygiene, penetration testing is the foundation of enterprise security. It identifies vulnerabilities, validates existing controls, and, when done right, provides a roadmap for remediation

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Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than your computer network. It is, however, a critical enabler to your business and in need of attention to ensure it’s running predictably, optimally and securely.

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