Securing your online environment 

We simplify the management of data and networks, making it easier, faster, and more affordable for governance, risk, and compliance.

Our solutions not only save you money but also enhance security.

The numbers speak for themselves!

+ years of I.T Experience
+ years Cyber Security Experience
+ Countries across the world

Technology can be a bit tricky!

At CX Consulting, we get that figuring out whose advice to trust and what’s best for your business can be a head-scratcher.

That’s why we’re here with clear, no-nonsense advice and solutions that just make sense.

Services geared towards delivering solutions

Building a robust IT foundation, Securing it with our Cyber Security Services, Optimising technology investments, and seamlessly Integrating rentals and cloud solutions for Compliance in your business. Our holistic approach not only ensures security and compliance but also aims to save you valuable time and money, freeing you to concentrate on your core business without the hassle.

Man Holding PC in Server Room


Build a solid IT foundation with our expert guidance and Managed IT Solutions. We ensure a reliable infrastructure that forms the backbone of your digital operations, providing a robust platform for your business to thrive.



Safeguard your digital assets with our comprehensive Cyber Security Services. We employ advanced security measures to protect your IT environment, keeping your data, systems, and operations secure from potential threats and vulnerabilities.


Man at Pc Programming


Maximise the efficiency and performance of your technology investments through our Optimization services. We analyse, fine-tune, and streamline your IT resources, ensuring that your technology operates at its full potential, delivering optimal results for your business.


Seamlessly integrate rentals and cloud solutions into your IT ecosystem with our Integration services. We facilitate a smooth and efficient integration process, enhancing collaboration, scalability, and flexibility within your organisation.

Man In front of Wall of Pcs Integrating
Man Pointing to Compliance with regulations


Navigate regulatory requirements effortlessly with our Compliance services. We provide tailored solutions to ensure that your business adheres to industry standards and regulations, fostering a secure and compliant environment for your technology operations.


Simplify complex regulations and ensure compliance with our tailored solutions. Focus on growth while we handle the burden of compliance. Enjoy effortless navigation and security for your technology operations.

Elevate your security posture and gain the edge against cyber threats. Our Team provides comprehensive monitoring, detection, response, and prevention capabilities to keep your business safe.

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IT and cybersecurity regulations can feel like scaling Mount Everest blindfolded. At CX Consulting, we’re your Sherpas, guiding you with expert knowledge and proven strategies to conquer the compliance summit. 

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