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CX Consulting offers a variety of information security services ranging from security assessments as well as IT Managed Services. We also provide independent security assessments on Wireless Infrastructures, Remote access assessments, internal & external infrastructure assessments and social engineering assessments.


You can get setup within a blink of an eye. The solution is based upon minimal impact on CPU and memory usage. Cloud backup seamlessly integrates on any platform – from. Windows, Linux, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, MySQL to MAC.Slow internet connection and large amounts of data can be a stumbling block to implement a data disaster recovery plan. We offer a initial seeding service that will assist you in the doing your first backup on a local device and then deliver / ship the data to us. Once the data has been copied, your devices will continue to do incremental backups.

The secure storage of your data is our priority and that is why the cloud back support AES256 encryption. You set and manage the keys yourself. Once your data leaves your network it is encrypted and securely transferred to the cloud. Real-Time Ransomware Protection is included at no additional fee with all our backup plans. Using intelligent pattern identification, Real-Time protection stops a ransomware attack in it’s tracks.

Standard Edition Pricing List

Ideal for small to large corporate’s with multiple users who require both remote cloud and on-site backups. The features of this edition includes:

High Storage Pricing List

Created for Enterprises with high backup storage requirements.