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Where do you start?

This service is perfect for those with smaller IT budgets or larger corporates that would like to maintain the work that was done as part of a larger vulnerability assessment or penetration test.


A unique Cyber Expert Service has been introduced by CX Consulting.

The service offers businesses access to a knowledgeable cyber security consultant who is available on demand to offer guidance, consultation, or to react to an incident. They can even participate in purple team exercises.

Companies are becoming more susceptible to cyberattacks in today’s world, and the number of threats is rising daily. Companies must have a strong and effective cyber security strategy in place because cybercriminals are constantly looking for new methods to exploit holes in a company’s IT systems. The Cyber Expert Service from CX Consulting helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by giving them access to knowledgeable cyber security experts who can offer advice and support in real-time.

The Cyber Expert Service helps CIOs and business leaders with a variety of issues. Lack of internal cyber security expertise is one of the main issues, which can make it challenging for businesses to remain up to date on the most recent threats and vulnerabilities. Companies have access to an expert cyber security consultant through the Cyber Expert Service, who can offer recommendations and direction on a variety of cyber security problems.

Rapid reaction to cyber security incidents is another obstacle. With the Cyber Expert Service, businesses have a cyber security specialist on call who can react swiftly to any incidents and offer the support and direction required to lessen their effects.

In conclusion, CX Consulting’s Cyber Expert Service is a distinctive product that gives businesses access to knowledgeable cyber security consultants who can assist them in dealing with the difficulties posed by cyber security threats. The service is made to assist businesses in staying on top of developments and making sure they have a strong and efficient cyber security plan in place.

A company can utilise consulting hours or days as required, in terms of our service portfolio offerings. This option is done on a month-to-basis and can include the following services as per clients’ individual needs:

  • Information and new products available
  • Informing companies of new security trends
  • Participation in new infrastructure roll-out meetings
  • Serving as advisory board for the company on security concerns and issues
  • Vulnerability assessments or security assessments on demand that would take up consulting hours or days
  • Identify and help mitigate risks on an ongoing basis
  • Regular meetings to discuss progress and concerns

This service cost ranges from month to month and usually includes a few days consulting time monthly on an agreed SLA.