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SMBsecure – Protection for SMME’s from the dangers of Cyber Risk and Data Exposure

All-in-One Fully Managed Service to De-risk your Business with Data & Email
Encryption, Device Lock/Wipe, Phishing Simulations, Cyber Risk Training, Reporting
and Proof of Data Encryption.


Protecting your business from the dangers of cyber risk and data exposure for a SMME owner can be overwhelming. Where to start is a general question we get asked by owners. With SMBsecure you get practical layers of protection for effective data security. It is a fully managed service to de-risk your business with data and email encryption, device lock / kill, phishing simulations, cyber risk education, reporting and proof of data encryption.

Data-on-Device Encryption

Make use of encryption methods native to your operating system to ensure the most seamless and most secure means of encryption for your data at rest on your PC & Mobile Device. On Windows PCs, you get persistent Bitlocker for Volume level encryption, as well as fully managed key control, backup & retrieval with real-time encryption risk monitoring for your convenience.

Outlook Email Encryption

When sending email containing any personal or sensitive data from Microsoft Outlook on your PC, as the Sender you are the “Responsible Party” so send it using
secure end-to-end encryption in password-protected portable document format (PDF), just like the banks do! The Outlook plugin allows flexible options to send data securely to avoid 3rd party data exposure, earn trust from customers & stakeholders by demonstrating effective security, and remain compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), VAT Act, and other requirements which require safe custody of consumer/customer data.

Device Lock / Wipe

  • Kill device immediately if stolen,
  • Quarantine data access until correct access can be confirmed,
  • Fully managed cloud-initiated controls.

Phishing Simulations & Security Awareness Training

  • Secure your first line of defense, the Human Layer
  • Be prepared by learning to identify phishing scams which mimic real-life attack
  • Automatic training so you don’t fall prey to scams designed to steal your (or your customers’) information and money
  • Improve your Human Firewall with breach prevention techniques and strategies
  • Fully managed so you don’t have to do anything

Become AWARE to Avoid Being a Victim.